Will Nadal overtake Federer this week?

There is no mistaking who is having the best year in tennis. That man is Rafael Nadal. After capturing the title in Toronto over the weekend, Nadal has now won five straight tournaments and seven of the last eight he has entered. He has won 29 consecutive matches, and is an incredible 61-7 on the year. His victory in Toronto was the 30th ATP Title of his career, which makes him the third youngest player ever to accomplish this feat.

Nadal can pass Federer this week in Cincy if he wins the tournament and Federer loses before the semifinals. The last time Federer wasn’t the #1 ranked player in the world was January of 2004 when Andy Roddick was. Do you think Nadal will overtake him this week? If not, do you think it will happen later this year?

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~ by Nick's Picks on July 28, 2008.

2 Responses to “Will Nadal overtake Federer this week?”

  1. as much as i wish it would happen, i don’t think that federer will lose the number 1 ranking this week. there’s really no one in his quarter that can really take him out. ancic and roddick are there, but matchups and upsets with those two are usually more hype than reality. additionally, ferrer is in nadal’s quarter…

    so while, i think nadal can win the tournament…i don’t think federer will be knocked out before the semis…and if it is fed v. nadal in the final…the edge goes to fed… and if fed wins…well, that’s a whole different ball game then.

  2. oh, and i forgot to mention djokovic is in nadal’s half as well…

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