2008 US Open – Nick’s Picks – Men’s Singles Finals

Nick’s Picks along with Tennis Week and CBS Sports will bring you live coverage of the US Open from New York City. Check back everyday for insight leading up to the Open and then throughout.

Roger Federer (SUI) vs. Andy Murray (GBR)

Federer reached his fifth consecutive US Open final with a four set victory over Novak Djokovic in the semis. It was a bit of a revenge win for Federer as Djokovic had beaten him in the semis at the Australian Open earlier this year. I have never seen so much emotion from Federer throughout a tournament and I think it just goes to show you how determined he is to win this title.

Murray has reached his first career Grand Slam final, in the tournament he says has been his favorite since he was a junior. It was a very good thing that he didn’t have to go five sets against Nadal, because you never known what could have happened in a deciding set. If Murray wins this title he would be the first British man to win a Grand Slam since Fred Perry back in 1936!


Murray is 2-1 against Federer, and has beaten him already once this year. He is one of the very few players that have winning records against Federer, but this is no ordinary match. Let’s take a look at how their games stack up…

Roger Federer


Andy Murray

Advantage Federer



Advantage Murray

Advantage Federer


Advantage Federer




Slight edge to Murray

Don’t know?


Very high!

Murray played excellent defense against both Del Potro and Nadal, and he was able to wear out the Spanish Iron-Man in the semis. Federer can play fantastic defense as well, but he also has a little more of an offensive game than does Murray. I believe that Murray will have to come up with some big shots and he may have to move in towards the net more than he would like. Murray will definitely be looser than Federer, as all of the pressure sits squarely on Federer’s shoulders.

You can bet that everyone in England will be awake watching this match, despite the fact that it starts around 11pm there! This match will not be settled in three sets, and who knows it could go five. In the end, Federer just has a little too much variety on the defensive side and a bit more fire power on the offensive side.

Nick’s Pick – Federer in 4 or 5 sets

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~ by Nick's Picks on September 8, 2008.

3 Responses to “2008 US Open – Nick’s Picks – Men’s Singles Finals”

  1. Hi Nick’s Pick, Andy Murray is Scottish not English. A lot of the public over here in England are very negative towards Andy Murray because of the Scotland, England rivalry.
    Murray had the chance to become the first British man since 1936 to win a Major and it wasn’t even shown on free to view TV here. Tennis begins and ends at Wimbledon in England with the odd Davis Cup match thrown in and then they wonder why they don’t produce any players!

  2. Only a tiny minority of those in Britain were able to watch any of the US Open (I am not one of them), because no free-to-view channels have the rights to televise it. The BBC provides wall-to-wall coverage of the other three Majors to Freeview-viewers, but all they could show of the US Open were a few still photos of Murray.

    Worse still, we can’t even buy old US Open matches from video-copying services anymore, because the USTA has forbidden their distribution!

  3. That stinks! Sorry to hear that.

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