2008 US Open – Serena claims title, #1 spot

You couldn’t have asked for a better women’s final than the one we got last night in New York. Both ladies gave it their all and performed up to their ability level. Their was drama, entertainment, and the New York crowd was fantastic.

Jelena reminds me of Muhammad Ali out there. She loves the spotlight and really feeds off the energy of the stadium. She looked like she was playing three matches: One with her mother, one with the umpire, and the other with herself! She is the best defensive player, and perhaps has the best foot speed of anyone on the WTA Tour. What Jelena lacks is the knock-out punch to put away a player like Venus or Serena. I want to congratulate Jelena and her entire team (including her mother) for supporting her and helping her to achieve her best.

Serena was remarkable throughout the entire tournament. The best thing about her is that not one time did she ever give a negative reaction of put her head down. She stayed positive throughout the match and that really helped her. Against Jelena, she was able to get to more balls, come to the net when she could, and showed the all-around game that made her the champion. She leaves New York with her ninth career Grand Slam title (third US Open) and is ranked #1 in the world for the first time since 2003! Congrats to her entire family and to Serena!!

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~ by Nick's Picks on September 8, 2008.

2 Responses to “2008 US Open – Serena claims title, #1 spot”

  1. Yes, the both were great, but my hart is with Jelena. She’s so good mover and definder, the girl with the most beautiful smile on the whole world and with so big heart… Simply, she is fantastic and perfect.
    So, Nick, thank you for helping Jelena to be such a good player.

  2. Congrats to Serena on Slam #9 and the No. 1 ranking. Jelena fought very well for her first Grand Slam Final, this is the best I’ve seen her in a long time. Some of the commentators were making fun of her for watching the jumbotron between points and not thinking up a game plan, but I think that really helped her relax and not get crushed by Serena.

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