Krajinovic knotches first top-100 win

Filip Krajinovic at the 2008 Junior US Open

Filip Krajinovic at the 2008 Junior US Open

It was a big day for 16-year old NBTA student Filip Krajinovic. The young Serbian defeated American Robbie Kendrick 5-7, 6-4, 6-3 to get his first career win over a top 100 player, as Kendrick is ranked #83 in the world. Krajinovic came into the match ranked #901 in the world and had to qualify to get into the tournament.

He will now face another American, qualifier Brian Battistone. Battistone, 29, does not currently have an ATP ranking and his career high ranking is #1322, which he achieved back in 2001. He is a solid doubles player though, as he is ranked #182 in the doubles rankings. He is best known for being the player with the “jump serve.” Battistone advanced to the second round after his first round opponent, Lester Cook, retired in the second set.

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~ by Nick's Picks on November 18, 2008.

One Response to “Krajinovic knotches first top-100 win”

  1. I saw Filip played Philip Simmons and my son and I was enthralled. This guy is going to go far and he has all the shots. Furthermore, his footwork is incredibly accurate for all shots…always balanced. Watch out world, this guy is going to be a top tenner in 5 years…just 16 years old with a game of a 25. Simply ahead of his time.

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