Americans do very well at Eddie Herr

After what was a very exciting week at the Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy, the Eddie Herr International Junior Tournament has come to an end. It was a very succesful tournament for American juniors. Both the boys (Alex Domijan) and girls (Lauren Embree) 18’s singles winners were American, as were the boys 16’s (Raymond Sarmiento) and 14’s (Alexios Halebian) singles champions.

On the doubles side there were American champions too. Academy student Devin Britton teamed with Jarmere Jenkins to win the boys 18’s, Deiton Baughman and Thanasi Kokkinakis won the boys 12’s,  Terrell Celestine and Tyler Gardiner won the boys 14’s, and Emmett Egger and Shane Vinsant won the boys 16’s.

One more note, Academy student Heater Watson was the runner-up in the girls 18’s singles. Congrats to her!

~ by Nick's Picks on December 8, 2008.

9 Responses to “Americans do very well at Eddie Herr”

  1. The highlight for me was Anna Orlik and Laura Robson winning the Girls’ 18 Doubles, but thanks for bringing this tournament to my attention in the first place!

  2. Is Heather Watson full time at the academy?

    She seems to be becoming a consistent performer judging by her results. Has she grown much as at Wimbledon last year she looked quite slight physically?

    Are there any British boys at the Academy?

    • Heather Watson is full-time at the Academy and we do have a very good 12-year old British boy that trains here named Alex Sendegeya.

  3. i spoke to someone at LTA this morning and they were so proud of Heather after her performance yesterday-apparently at one stage her match was the only one going on outside during the heat. As my late father said when I was young cricketer, all the top players have some talent but not all of them have the guts and mental courage too. I get the impression your methods can find that out pretty fast!

  4. Do you know Jason Berke? He said he was a coach at your place. thanks,d

    • Hi Diann—YES! Jason’s family & Nick are very close—plus Jason also graduated from the Academy & coached many years there. He has Nick’s personal cell phone number as well—which Nick does not just give out to just anyone. Nick & Jason were in touch when Heather Warson was kicked out of the Academy—and coached her.

    • Yes Diann—Jason did work here, and with many top juniors.
      He knows Nick personally. And Nick grow up in Upstate New York with mutual family and friends of Jason. Nick is a very busy person, but I am sure if you call Jason he can give you his resume. Jason has Nick’s cellphone number.

  5. Diann,
    Heather Watson (misspelled in early comment) Jose

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