Jelena Dokic, Mary Pierce in the gym

Both Jelena Dokic and Mary Pierce have experienced long lay-offs from tennis, and both are still on the comeback trail (Mary more so than Jelena). Yesterday, they spent some time at the IMG Performance Institute with our head tennis trainer, Yutaka Nakamura. Yutaka has worked with players like Maria Sharapova, Nicole Vaidisova, Tommy Haas, and Kei Nishikori just to name a few.

As you can see from the photos below, he put the girls through various exercises to help them strengthen their entire body.

~ by Nick's Picks on February 27, 2009.

33 Responses to “Jelena Dokic, Mary Pierce in the gym”

  1. Yutaka Nakamura is a very lucky man! Any relation to Aiko Nakamura?

    Does Mary have a projected date for her comeback yet?

    • I dont think there is any relation to Nakamura…and I don’t believe Mary has a date yet. She is working hard daily!

  2. Its great to see Mary is still working hard and motivated about a comeback. I thought news had surfaced that she had officially retired but it would be amazing to see her have one last crack at the tour. I also cant wait to see how Jelena does at Indian Wells.

  3. It is nice to see Mary going to working hard for comeback in Sony Ericsson WTA Tour!!

  4. […] Two-time Grand Slam champion Mary Pierce has been training recently at the Nick Bollettieri tennis academy in Florida. (Nick’s Picks) […]

  5. Hi Nick! Does her knee still bothers Mary or not? Is her physical training intensive or not? Will she soon begin tennis training?

    • I can’t speak for Mary, but she is working hard and it is great to see her around the Academy!

  6. Some websites said that Mary hit the ball with Jelena Dokic. Is it true?

  7. if only l get to see Mary plays for one more time..let alone winning another slam, i’d be in heaven

  8. please nick; mary wants to come back ? realy ? because we have any news about here … please …

    • I wish I had more news for you but at this time I don’t. As soon as I get anything new I will pass it along.

  9. wow this is great. any news from Mary yet?

  10. As optimistic as I like to be, I don’t think Mary Pierce will return to the tour. That fateful match in 2006 ended her career. I am actually worried that if she does try to return she could re-injure herself. It’s just been too long. The mental part may be worse at this point. If she played she would be disheartened anyway against the level that’s prevalent anyway. She was a tremendous player, and still can offer much to the sport in other ways.

  11. Hi nick? Any news about Mary?

  12. Mary is no more in your academy ?

  13. Hi Nick,

    Is Mary going to retire given that it is taken all this time to attempt a comeback? Did she get married to Air France Pilot?

    Is she going work at academy as a coach if she does retire?

  14. anasını siktimin adamı kıza elliyo

  15. Hi Nick,

    Any news from Mary?
    Do you think she could make a successfully comeback?

  16. Hi Nick,

    Any news from Mary?

  17. Are we going to her again on a court?
    maybe in 2010 ???

  18. Please Nick, let us know if you think that a come-back is still possible…

  19. I’m sure Mary is still in your academy and I’m sure she will come back! If you have news, let us know! four months without news is too hard for any mary’s fan.

  20. We would love to know if she will come back or not

  21. Hi nick, Could you please let her know that her fans are still waiting for her comeback

  22. ok, you don’t know if Mary will make a comeback or not, Nick. But, you know if she’s in your academy in Bradenton or not ?

  23. Hi Nick,

    Great new article on Mary working with the trainer. She looks fantastic. It would be awesome for her to come back next year, even if it is on a minor scale.

    Do you know if she is still proceeding with her wedding plans, or did she call the whole thing off?

  24. It’s great to see Mary training and knowing that she would be back in the court….I will wait for her comeback, it will surely inspire a lot of people…being down and out at, and being back again…

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