Bollettieri on tour with the USO

Nick is on tour this week with the USO in Afghanistan and Iraq visiting the troops during the holiday season. Nick is joined by former student and tennis star Anna Kournikova, comedian Dave Attell and singer/actor Billy Ray Cyrus. The tour kicked off yesterday when they visited the International Security Assistance Force Joint Command at North Kabul International Airport military compound in Afghanistan.

After the chairman spoke, he introduced each of his guests, who then addressed the waiting crowd. Nick thanked the troops for their service, and the USO and Admiral Mullen for sponsoring the tour.

“It is a pleasant, unexpected surprise,” agreed Air Force Lt. Col. Bob Dreyfus, Electronic Warfare Coordination Cell. “It reemphasizes just how important this [mission] is to us … a unified effort to help Afghanistan.”

“They are very approachable and nice; it’s rare to have the opportunity to be in an intimate, personal, and one-on-one situation with stars,” said Army Maj. Larry Bonds Jr. of Memphis, Tenn. “I want to personally thank them for what they are doing for the troops.”

Here is a video from yesterday and to see photos, click here.

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~ by Nick's Picks on December 15, 2009.

One Response to “Bollettieri on tour with the USO”

  1. This is fantastic! It’s nice to see that some still care for others and their work.

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