Na Li impressive in defeat

Na Li

Na Li

Despite falling to Serena Williams in two tiebreak sets, I was thoroughly impressed by Na Li. She is one heck of a tennis player and he groundstrokes are excellent from both sides.


  1. She has a very compact swing pattern from both sides with instant backswing preparation.
  2. She has a very low base and uses her strong legs for balance and power.
  3. She stands very close to the baseline because of the previously mentioned items and this allows her to make early contact and puts her opponents on the defense.
  4. She covers all of the court as well as anyone.
  5. She is in tip-top shape.
  6. She hits with very little spin and still has control and depth.
  7. She also plays great defense and anticipates the path of the ball extremely well.

What does she need to improve on?

  1. Her second serve needs work.
  2. She could play with more variety by hitting slices and adding a little more height and spin. This could really help by moving her opponents even further back behind the baseline and will also throw off their rhythm.
  3. She could come into the net more often. Her ability to take the ball so early gives her this opportunity. This addition could increase her chances of being one of the very best in the world.

Overall, I came away extremely impressed by her. Serena gave everything she had and Li was able to resist and I really feel that if this match went three sets, Li would have won it. If Li continues to play like this I wouldn’t be surprised to see her compete for titles throughout 2010.

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~ by Nick's Picks on January 28, 2010.

One Response to “Na Li impressive in defeat”

  1. Great analysis. I am curious about Michelle Larcher de Brito. She took a set off of Alexandra Dulgheru at Fed Cup today (I saw her beat Alexandra Dulgheru at Estoril last year), but maybe has lost confidence. I suspect that the grunting issue and then joining Moutoglou Academy and then leaving shortly thereafter had her mind on other things. I think all she needs is a good win and that would go a long way to helping her confidence. But you have spent so much time with her through the years. You once said that adding a slice or topspin would help keep her in the points longer. I think that may even be more important than amount of double fault she can be prone to serve. Her best years were at NBTA, so I hope she will train there on a full-time basis when she is not playing WTA events. You deserve a lot of the credit for her tennis development.

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