2011 Australian Open – Day 3 Notes

Here are some notes and observations from Day 3 of the Australian Open..

Federer vs. Simon

  • Simon was 2-0 vs. Federer coming into the match.  He was always one of the young guys that all of France and the world thought he could be a Grand Slam winner.
  • It was 2-2 in the fifth set and the match could have gone either way.
  • Simon’s first serve began to let him down, and as the set went on it was nowhere to be found.  Federer began playing the drop shot and it really was the key to the fifth set.
  • The match was a display of fantastic groundstrokes and determination, but Roger went to his drop shot and began attacking the net.  Throughout the entire match I also watched the coach’s boxes.  The Frenchman’s was full of excitement, jumping up and down.  Federer’s box remained calm changed, especially his new coach Paul Annacone. I don’t think he even blinked!
  • Great win for Federer and you have to hand it to Simon, he hung in there and played fantastic tennis.

Maria Sharapova

  • The commentators, especially Cliff Drysdale, were talking about her serve.  Even though her motions may be different it is important to have a shoulder turn, to use your legs, and not hit the serve only using your arm.
  • Maria struggled with her serve last week but really improved during the second and third set.  Her opponent did not have any shoulder turn and hit only with her arm. Maria took advantage and made some aggressive returns.

Novak Djokovic

  • Novak played Dodig and believe me…he had a heck of a battle, but his relentless grinding and constant pressure was key.
  • A Note: The announcers said he was having some difficulty hitting his backhand.  His arm and racket were too close to his body and he made contact inside out instead of hitting on the outside of the ball.

Justine Henin

  • Very aggressive.  Moved around her backhand to hit her big flat forehands well inside the baseline.  Although still has a tendency at times for forehand errors from the baseline with balls flying out, and nervous when closing out the match.
  • Justine began serving better, ending the match with two aces.
  • She has also changed her serve motion by widening her feet when first starting her motion.

Caroline Wozniacki vs. Vania King

  • I thought that Vania King would force the No. 1 seed to hit several unforced errors, but she did not at any time.  She does not have an easy draw and it will be helpful if she plays as she did tonight.
  • She is showing the world that she is the No.1 player and will undoubtedly be a very tough opponent.

Svetlana Kuznetsova

  • Played a very solid two sets giving her opponent no chance to control play which she has not done for a long time.
  • She plays very close to the baseline, has a very solid foundation, and hits with very little spin.

Igor Kunitsyn vs. Andy Roddick

  • Kunitsyn has very good groundstrokes and it is hesitant to come in when Andy hits his slice too short.  I like his serve because he moves it around and attacks any short return especially when Andy hits his defensive slice short.
  • Roddick won the first set in a tie-breaker but was pressed and down set point, but pressure got to Kunitsyn double faulted and hit an early forehand into the net which gave away the first net.

Fernando Verdasco vs. Janko Tipsarevic

  • Verdasco was lacking early in the first set and just did not keep pressure of Tipsarevic which can be dangerous, but he has been physically training for a while now with Gil Reyes to be fit and it is paying off in long battles.
  • Nick’s Tip:  Being physically fit can win many major battles!
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