It’s All about Attitude

The old saying goes this way and may be a bit corny but, “One rotten apple can spoil the entire bunch. “Dealing with an apple is completely different from dealing with a person because no two human beings are alike. You can see a bruise or flaw in an apple but you cannot see what goes on within a person.

For tennis, a support team member has a responsibility to the rest of the team to stay upbeat and positive. A “Can Do” attitude gives fuel, excitement, and energy. A “Can’t Do” attitude saps all the positive signs that are needed to compete on the Highest Level. It destroys the team moral like a rapid wildfire. When you are in the Locker Room, it’s amazing at how quickly bad energy can spread. It is a must do to put out the fire immediately and then make sure the “bad apple” is barred from the team. When people put all their efforts on what CANbe done vs. what CAN’Tbe increase the chances of victory two-fold.

Leaders must know the beat of the team and in order to do this must know each member head to toe. Each person is different, therefore each person will respond to forms of leadership alternatively. CEOs of top companies are successful because they analyze and get to know their employees so they can better manage them. What works with Person A may not with Person B. No one can predict the future and what is in store for us, but we can certainly choose how we deal with them.

It is a true fact that the vast majority of all people when confronted with adversity will spend so much time on why me instead of accepting the facts and putting all their energy in finding a solution. Teams that foster creative and optimistic thinking have the proper foundation to place for unlimited success.

All of you reading this article should sit down and spend a few honest minutes with yourself and no matter how painful it is, wipe out why is the world picking on me but say to the world I am ready to take you on! LET THE BATTLE BEGIN!

“A positive attitude can make the impossible, possible.”

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~ by Nick's Picks on July 7, 2011.

3 Responses to “It’s All about Attitude”

  1. Hi Nick – My name is Gavin from UK – I am that 28 year old getting into tennis. I really like this article as I was just discussing with my future coach the fact that i have determination to succeed. It is so true – I just hope the coaching I get is as positive as you are!

  2. Great comment!!!!
    Good to think you always CAN!!!!!

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