2012 Australian Open – Andy Murray vs. Ryan Harrison Recap

Wow, wow! I watched this match and i said to myself, as the clock ticked towards midnight, that Ryan Harrison has all the tools to be a top-10 player and he is in contention to win major championships in the future. He has played many of the top ten ranked players already and has showed flashes of brilliance against all of them. Yes, he is emotional, but in time this will be an asset because he will control his emotions.

Ryan Harrison

Forehand – He can hit with spin or he can drive the ball from any position on the court. You will see Ryan covering lots of court space to hit more forehands.

Backhand – Very steady two-handed backhand and he’s exceptional at hitting winners down the line.

Backhand Slice – He can change the pace, he can buy time and he can hit his slice down the line keeping it very low. Oh yes, he can also attack with a slice forcing his opponent’s to hit up on the ball.

Volley – This is an area of his game where he is very comfortable with a simple block volley or a soft touch-volley. Down the road, you will see Ryan attack much more.

Serve – This 19-year old boy can really serve the big bombs, including having one of the very best second serves on the tour. His average second serve is around 110-115 mph which is off the charts!

Movement – Not only does he anticipate well, but in his mind he can run down any ball no matter where it is, forcing his opponent’s to hit extra shots and often errors.

Mentality РBe patient, it is improving every single day. His competitiveness is off-the-wall and he is a crowd-pleaser for the fans. He has had his ups and downs, but in the end we will all witness him become one of the top players in the world!

Andy Murray

Hats off to Andy Murray and his team. It was a fierce battle the first set and the beginning of the second set, but Andy must have felt the penetrating eyes of Ivan Lendl looking down upon him and I am sure this helped him through the first few sets in maintaining his composure!

This was a great match to watch and I want to congratulate both men for giving everything they had. Their were long, physical rallies and the quality of play was very high. We are all very proud of Ryan and we wish him nothing but the best throughout the rest of 2012!

~ by Nick's Picks on January 17, 2012.

2 Responses to “2012 Australian Open – Andy Murray vs. Ryan Harrison Recap”

  1. Its hard to not agree on what you have described! He was intimidating and under the skull of Andy esp first set which he has done in the past against top ten players too. He has potential for winning Major with whole of room for improvement in the mental and physical aspect of this game. Well done Ryan!!

  2. I am a very big Andy Murray fan who was curious to read Nick’s report. I think Ryan Harrison has the potential to be a very highly ranked player in the near future. To add to Nick’s list, I would suggest a good tennis brain as his shot selection and point construction was excellent. Andy does not normally lose so many long rallies.
    And a curve ball… with a bit of training, and increased patience, he has the qualities to an excellent clay court player!

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