Thoughts from Day 3…

Tommy Haas vs. Rafael Nadal: Hats and Shirts off to Tommy

At the end of this terrific match, Haas took his shirt off and threw it to the fans, that were on their feet applauding with all their might, thanking Tommy for the many years he has played the game and the excited he added to the 2012 Australian Open. What a gentleman Mr. Nadal is. He hugged Tommy and then asked the audience to get up and salute him for his tireless dedication to the game.

Yes, this might have been Tommy’s last Aussie Open, but I will tell you all. This man has been with me for over 20 years and I had to wipe away my tears of joy as I watched the match that ended around midnight on the east coast. By the way, when you talk about one-handed backhands, there is none better than Haas’. It is a thing of beauty.

Kim Clijsters

That win by Clijsters sent a message directly to all the other women in the draw that she is healthy and ready to repeat her title. After the match, she also thanked her husband for his continuous support he has given her and she will support him in all ways if he decided to pursue a basketball coaching career in the United States. She is truly a classy lady and an example for others to follow. You can still be a fierce competitor, but you can also respect the game. My wife, Cindi, doesn’t say much about tennis but she sure does like watching Kim Clijsters and the way she conducts herself on and off the court.

Christina McHale 

This young girl is special and she is extremely competitive. She has no fear and for good reason, because if I had a forehand like her’s I wouldn’t be afraid of much either! Thanks goes to the USTA and to Patrick McEnroe who has been helping her, but Pat must realize he is getting a little to old to be her hitting partner! :-) Christina will give Jankovic a fierce battle because of her fire power. I am excited about her future and I think American fans are too!

~ by Nick's Picks on January 18, 2012.

One Response to “Thoughts from Day 3…”

  1. What are Mr. Bolletteri’s thoughts on Serena – her chances at winning *THIS* tournament
    Shall Venus play competitively at this level Again – Should she retire? Or only play Doubles?
    Should Serena and Andy Roddick become a mixed doubles team?

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