IMG Bollettieri Tennis Academy’s Grand Slam Players Day 3

Day 3: Max Mirnyi

I can still close my eyes and go back to 25 years ago when a young, skinny and tall boy came for his lesson (with his father urging him not to be scared). A few months prior to this lesson Max and his did arrived from Belarus into JFK airport with only 300 dollars.

Max and his partner, Daniel Nestor, after winning the French Open

One of my friends called me saying, “this young boy looked darn good, will you come see him?” I did, he walked into my stadium court at 3 pm and he was actually shaking. We hit for several minutes and I took him over to his father and gave him a full scholarship.

Max was the first to come to the courts and the last to leave. His father took on all sorts of little jobs to earn a few dollars for traveling and tournament expenses. As the years rolled on he became a darn good singles player but Max wanted to be #1 and so he turned to doubles.

Ladies and Gentleman, Max and his partner, Daniel Nestor, are the #1 doubles players in the world at the very young age of 37 years old.

How can he do this?

He does it by giving his all both mentally and physically. He practices with all levels of play, wont turn down the youngsters at the Academy if they want to hit with him . Max is a kind soul, has a beautiful family and his dad is still at his side as he always has been.

The IMG Academies are so proud of Max both as a player and as a person who truly cares about people.


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