Nick’s Picks- Wimbledon Quarterfinals

Men’s Picks 

David Ferrer (ESP) vs Andy Murray (GBR) 

The match pits 2 styles of play that are basically the same. What does this mean? In movement, both are the best on the tour. Ground strokes are very similar. They are both steady eddies, they dont miss. Serves are pretty equal. Returns of serve are pretty darn equal. In reference to their ground strokes they are almost like twins. Can you predict a match like this? No, you cant predict a match like this.  Sneak in a sandwich, go to the restroom before this match starts. This will be a long, long match.

This match will be decided by a few lucky breaks, a let court, a few balls hitting the lines. It will be a contrast of who will be able to stay in but take advantage of any defensive balls with offensive action and aggressive play. I believe this match will go 4 maybe 5 sets. Rallies will be 5-10-15-20 strokes long. Who will be able to survive a long 4-5 set match?

Nick’s Pick- Out of respect, I refuse to pick a winner.

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga (FRA) vs Philipp Kohlschreiber (GER)

Kohlschreiber is 1 of 4 germans in both quarterfinals. He has  an excellent, excellent 1 handed backhand. He is not too dangerous if you keep him pinned behind the baseline. The weakest part of his game is his forehand, but he can surprise you by hitting a forehand on the run. Good 1st and 2nd serve. Good kick, penetrating 2nd serve. Excellent slice, and good touch including the drop shot. Very comfortable at the net. Tsonga is a crowd pleaser. Gets the crowd on his side. Huge 1st serve and huge forehand. For a big guy with big guns he has an excellent drop shot. Not afraid to come to the net on his first serve. Watch out when he is hitting his forehand on the run. Also be careful, he has an excellent inside-out forehand. Nothing but firepower, can serve and volley as well. If you look at this match, Kohlschrieber is a darn good competitor. Overall Tsonga has a way to get the crowd on his side and his backhand will break down the 1 handed backhand of kohl.

Nick’s Pick- 4 sets to Tsonga

Novak Djokovic (SRB) vs Florian Mayer (GER) 

Mayer is a very clever groundstroker. Moves well and is tough to beat. Notice nothing about him was said before the tournament began, slowly he has pushed his way. Dont think he is clever enough to stay in longer rallies with Djokovic. The longer the rally goes on, it favors Djokovic. Mayer has to play aggressive and make gambles. What else can be said about Djokovic, he is at the top of the game and is very hard to beat.

Nick’s Pick- Djokovic moves on to the Semifinals.

Roger Federer (SUI) vs Mikhail Youzhny (RUS)

We all know of Federer. What we dont know the back problem that comes and goes with him. We hope that this back is fine, but it always seems to come and go.  Youzhny has an excellent 1 handed backhand, darn good competitor and very stoic. Moves well. Federer has the ability to break down players and make them over hit. Youzhny has a hybrid backhand, makes contact with 2 hands but follows through with 1 hand. I believe the difference is Federer will not have to be worrying about the 2 handed backhand that can give him a more difficult time as the match goes on.

Nick’s Pick-  If he has no trouble with his back I look for Federer to win this match.

Women’s Picks 

Angelique Kerber (GER) vs Sabine Lisicki (GER) 

Kerber’s previous best was the third round in 2010. Her return is one of the best and is the strongest part of her game. If her opponent hits the ball hard she uses that power against them. She slaps the forehand and you dont know where it will go. As a lefty she is able to disguise her shot. Sabine spent a week at the Academies before Wimbledon and it is having a very positive effect. She didnt miss a ball against Sharapova. If she has a good serving day she will be tough to beat by anyone.

Nick’s Pick- If Sabine is on and mentally prepared there are very few her can beat her.

Petra Kvitova (CZE) vs Serena Williams (USA)

Kvitova, seeded 4 is a lLefty, she loves the power game. She lacks mobility. She tries to end the points with forehands that takes control of points. Her secret weapon is the ferocious lefty serve, swinging out wide. Serena Williams, 30, winner in 2002, 2003, 2009, 2010. Her style of play can power you off the court from either the forehand or the backhand. Has a big asset by attacking the net. Anything defensive she is coming in. She has one of the biggest serves. She has had to fight and had all 3 setters, but she finds a way to win. You cant  trust your luck, don’t trust winning in 3 sets everytime. Serena will have to have an on day and a big serving day.

Nick’s Pick- Cant go against Serena.

Victoria Azarenka (BLR) vs Tamira Paszek (AUT)

Azarenka, 22, another big girl. She made the semis in 2011. She is a street fighter and she really does not have a glaring weakness. She can cover the court and has a very consistent serve. Her secret weapon is her ferocious backhand on the return of serve. Puts fear into the server because they know that Azarenka will hit a big return of serve. Paszek is not a big girl, strong built. Big groundies. Her serve motion reminds me of brad gilbert, ugly. She gets very good racket head speed and it turns out pretty darn good. A lot of energy, movement is fair. She is a fighter too.

Nick’s Pick- Have to go with Azarenka due to the rankings.

Agnieszka Radwanska (POL) vs Maria Kirilenko (RUS)

Radwanska is right handed, reached the quarters in 2008 and 2009. Beautiful techniques, magnificient defensive effective low slice. Uses angles extremely well, hits big forehands and backhands. Likes to bring opponents to the net with short slices, then tries to pass them or lob them. Kirilenko is what we call a counter puncher.  Lets you do all the work and uses your energy and counter punches. Magnificent slice to slow down the big hitters. One of the few of the girls that Sharapova will practice with.

Nick’s Pick- Radwanska takes this one.

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One Response to “Nick’s Picks- Wimbledon Quarterfinals”

  1. I really fancy Sabine Lisicki to win this year’s Wimbledon championship.

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