Nick’s Picks – US Open Women’s Semifinals

Serena Williams VS Sara Errani

This match will be David (Errani) and Goliath (Williams).

This will be a very entertaining match to watch because you will witness david running in all directions, slicing, using touch shots, and coming to the net, among other things. Yes she will get the serves in the box but they will look like lollypops and Serena will take one bite of them and its over.

We can talk about this and that but their play will be simple to describe:

Power vs Retrieving. Do not say that Errani has no chance but it will be slim. One thing for sure is that the Italian girl will give it her all.


Maria Sharapova VS Victoria Azarenka

Maria is a special lady with so many positive things about her both on and off the court. Yes she has struggled in her last two match, she has been helped by rain delays. Azarenka can play the game and can do so many things that just put her opponents down and out.

Nick’s Pick- There are two or three factors that will have an influence of who will be the winner.

1. Maria must have a darn good day with her serve. Double faults must go away.

2. Azarenka can do so many positive moves, big hits, and running down balls.

The word on the street is that there is no love lost between the, and I am sure that no bumping of the shoulders will occur in this match. Both ladies have the weapons but when it goes to who is ahead with the mental approach to adversity it goes to Maria.

Who will win the grunting contest? Be sure to bring your Amex Radio to drown out the noise as you watch this match. I wonder if they will keep score with the grunting that takes place during every point.

If Maria serves well with her return this match favors her. Azarenka has a tendency to lose her cool every now and then. She can not do this today!

Get back to me on twitter @nickbollettieri and give me your winner.



~ by Nick's Picks on September 7, 2012.

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