Nick’s Picks- Australian Open Quarterfinals

Djokovic Vs. Berdych

The last two years, berdych has been playing the best tennis of his life. He went through a period of getting frustrated, but with a few wins he is now totally focused. He has a darn good 1st and 2nd serve. He is very aggressive and hits most of his returns down the line.

We all know that Djokovic can and will do whatever it takes to win. Comes up with the big serve when he has to. The question is, how much will that 5 hour match affect him. Can he come back and have enough in the tank to play his controlling game?

Nick’s Pick- The magic man has not used all of his tricks yet. He wins again.

Ferrer Vs. Almagro

Two Spanish players battle it out and put on a show. They will both give it their all. Nicolas has a super one handed backhand but David will make him hit it on the run.

David Ferrer is just too much for Almagro. He must go for winners on just about everything. This will not be a bang-bang game but long points.

Nick’s Pick- Ferrer in 3, maybe 4

Li Na Vs. Radwanska

Li Na will stand on the baseline, hit the ball very early and will never miss.

Radwanska has great touch, moves well, and does not go for outright winners. Both ladies have tentative 2nd serves. Radwanska must break down Li Na with her focus.

Nick’s Pick- The longer the rally goes, I give the advantage to Radwanska. I would not be surprised If Li Na upsets Radwanksa but I have to go with Agi here.

Makarova Vs. Sharapova

Makarova is a big girl at 6’0”. He is a lefty that moves well, and can hurt you from both sides. Her two handed backhand is super. The only high ranked player that she has beaten is Serena. She loves to hit low biting slices.

If a scout never saw her play before the Aussie Open, he would not know what to say. She has lost less than 5 games in her previous rounds. Maria must not toss the ball so far in front of her.

Nick’s Picks- The only way that Makarova wins is if Maria outplays Maria.

Serena Williams Vs. Sloane Stephens

This is a huge opportunity for Sloane. The entire world will be watching the very best ever play the next hope for an American champion. They recently played a match, Sloane did not back down. Serena had to bunker down and show Sloane that she was good but not good enough that day.

Make no mistake about this match, they respect each other but friendship will not take away from Serena wanting to show her who the queen really is. Serena has too much fire power with a huge serve to back it up. Serena wins this match in 2, maybe 3 sets.

Victoria Azarenka Vs. Svetlana Kuznetsova

Victoria is still young with no fear. She hits the tar out of her forehand and is not timid with her two handed backhand. No problem with movement, tries to control play at all times and can also slow it down with her slice.

Kuznetsova is a former grand slam winner and a fierce competitor. Last year she suffered a leg injury and was out for the year, but is now eager to return. Her serve is very consistent and deep with good placement.

Nick’s Pick- Odds favor Azarenka but Kuznetsova will not back down.

Tsonga Vs. Federer

Tsonga is a crowd pleaser, the fans get into the match because they are in for a show. Tsonga can go bazooka at any time. He really should be in the UFC.

Roger is the best, and I mean the very best. If Mohammad Ali saw him play, he would see himself with movement and his ability to sting like a bumble bee.

Nick’s Pick- Yes, this can go 4 sets, but put all your savings for the man to come through. Federer wins this one.

Andy Murray Vs. Jeremy Chardy

Jeremy was always on the radar screen but never lived up to his potential. He loves to hit his forehand whenever possible. Watch out for his wide slice serve to both sides, then running around to hit his huge forehand.

Andy has moved closer to the baseline and is hitting a more powerful forehand. He has also accepted the fact that hitting 90% slices from his backhand will not make him a champion of another grand slam. He attacks more with his 2 handed backhand and uses the slice only for a change of pace.

Nick’s Pick- Chardy is right on and moving up, but Andy with Lendl in the stands will be too much for him.  Murray moves on in 4 good sets.

~ by Nick's Picks on January 21, 2013.

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