Ferrer-Almagro Recap

Wow Wow what a match!! Here are a few of the thoughts I wrote down and I was watching:

  • Almagro has too much respect for Ferrer. He must go and take it to him
  • Almagro has one of the best 1 handed backhands in the history of tennis
  • The key to his 1 handed backhand is the huge shoulder turn and the release with his strong grip, this enables him to roll over the ball
  • It is hard to believe the winners he can hit off of his backhand side
  • Almagro hits the ball as it is going up and this makes it darn tough to read and get set for

Ferrer was forced to go 6 to 8 feet behind the baseline, it really hurt him. Ferrer prides himself on not making unforced errors. Starting at the beginning of the 2nd set he had 12 U/F errors. Ferrer had his hands almost an inch apart, this makes it tough to get top spin.

Almagro’s serve has a low toss and this prevents him from getting power from his legs, but his loose wrist snap is the key. He served up to 137.7 mph on his first serve.

By the 3rd set Ferrer was getting frustrated, and kept getting pushed more and more behind the baseline.

In the 4th set with Almagro up 2 sets to 1, it was amazing to see and witness how things change in a split second and then doubt steps in. He remembered that he lost to Ferrer 12 times and served for the match, but in his mind it went in all directions. I was ready to go to bed. Ferrer starts coming closer to the baseline.

In the 5th set, Almagro cannot get enough 1st serves in. He is now cramping and cannot hit his forehand on the run. His foundation is collapsing. Ferrer started the match and lost the first 2 sets standing far behind the baseline. He is now on the baseline and Almagro is being pushed back.

At the end of the match they hugged each other, showing their friendship that will always be with them for life. Almagro will remember this match for the rest of his life.

Ferrer has his number 13-0!

~ by Nick's Picks on January 22, 2013.

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