Nick’s Picks- Australian Open semi-finals

Novak Djokovic Vs. David Ferrer

There was some chatter in the locker room and among the commentators that too much was given to the victory over Wawrinka in Novak’s 5 hour match. He beat Berdych in 4 sets, did that answer the question?

I am sure you are all aware of the Ferrr-Almagro match, which not only exhausted the two players, but also the fans, announcers, and me.

Ferrer had to cover so much ground to beat his very good friend. Will he be able to come out and be a contender against the #1 player in the world?

The big differences in this match will be: Djokovic’s consistent serve, his ability to stay on the baseline and his confidence. There will be very few short points, and in my mind Ferrer will show no signs of being tired.

This match will boil down to Djokovic being able to compete in long rallies, short rallies, and just about everything ese. No matter which way I look at it, the victory will go to Djokovic.

PS. I had to erase Almagro a couple of times from this prediction because in my mind, he beat Ferrer.


Roger Federer Vs. Andy Murray

No need to keep talking about how improved Andy is. He is standing closer to the baseline and has improved his speed on the serve. Not to mention the confidence he gets from having Ivan Lendl in his coach’s box.

Federer is a super player. It is evident that he has worked on his volleys. This match is tough to call. Murray will not make too many mistakes. The longer the rally, it will favor Murray. Roger will have to get to his forehand as much as possible.

Both are champions. I will leave it up to you to decide who wins this one.


Li Na Vs. Maria Sharapova

Li Na is so darn good for the game because she is an entertainer and a darn good player as well. She is 31 years old but moves like a teenager. The 20 feet or so behind the baseline is wasted space for Li who stands right on the baseline most of the time. Her style of play is keeping the ball in play and then counter attacking whenever possible.

Maria has really  short-changed the fans with their matches finishing before late arrivals can even get in. A total of 9 games have gone to her opponents in all of her first 4 rounds.

She only knows 1 style of play:  Stand close tot he baseline and hit the ball early with very little spin. To bad she does not enter into the home run derby because home runs are the thing she is best at.

Nick’s Pick- Li Na will not hold up the white flag, but she must come up with surprise tactics and catch Maria off guard. Sharapova will make it to the finals.

Victoria Azarenka Vs. Sloane Stephens

Victoria is a big banger. She is learning to play better defense. She stands close to the baseline and has solid forehands and backhands. When she is in trouble she will hit deep down the center of the court. Oh yes, she is a very silent player, just kidding.

Sloane has the perfect build for tennis. She can bang and hurt you from the forehand and backhand. She has excellent movement and hits the balls quite flat.

Thats enough about the make up of their game. Lets get down and under and see who wins.

Sloane just ebat one of, if not the best, players to ever play. Her interview was perfect, a little courtesy, waved her hands to he crowd and gave Serena a warm ending. Being humble helps her. Victoria is #1 and will come to the court knowing that. Sloane must take it to her and force Victoria to over-hit and have doubt in her game.

Sloane must not show any negative emotions and be sure to win over the crowd. Focus, focus, and no emotions being shown will help Sloane be right in the ball game all the way till the end.

If Sloane can stay with Victoria, she can pull off the upset.

Nick’s Pick- I take the 5th amendment on this one but I am looking forward to a great match.

~ by Nick's Picks on January 22, 2013.

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