Nick’s Picks from Wimbledon- 1st round Womens

Sabine Lisicki Vs. Francesca Schiavone

Schiavone is one of the fiercest competitors on the woman’s tour. She will fight you for every point. In fact she competes as well as many of the men, I wish the Italian men would follow her lead. She is a veteran, and is very small. She plays with pure joy and one of the loudest grunters on the tour. Superb movement, stands behind the baseline and hits a huge forehand.

Sabine is a long time student at IMG Academy. She is now no longer a youngster. She knows one way, hit every ball for a winner. She is now adding some spin and safety to her shots. The question will be the consistency of Sabine’s serve.

Nick’s Pick- This match will be entirely up to Sabine’s unforced errors. Her whole attitude is aggressive. She has to hit to a bigger target on her shot selections.


Heather Watson Vs.  Madison Keys

Madison Keys is one of America’s hopefuls. She has moved way up in the rankings. She is very aggressive with her first serve. She competes extremely well, but becomes very tentative when the pressure is on her with the 2nd serve.

Heather has been a great addition to the IMG Academy family. She always takes the time to talk to the young players. Her coach has been a great fit for her in Mauricio Hadad.  Heather is just recovering from Mono. She is full of spirit. Her game is based on excellent groundstrokes, an improved serve, and great movement.  She will have to force Madison to over hit.

Nick’s Pick- This match, you pick it!


 Sloane Stephens Vs. Jamie Hampton

Sloane is very physical, and her makeup is perfect for tennis. She has excellent foundation when striking the ball and moves very well. She is one of America’s hopefuls for the future and we look for her to break into the top 10 this year. She has become much more intelligent in her shot selection.

Hampton knows one way to play the ball. She is striker who has gained a lot of confidence. She is not afraid to go for it when the time is right. This will be a high pressure match for Sloane.

Nick’s Pick- Based on the rankings, the advantage goes to Sloane.


Petra Kvitova vs Coco Vandeweghe

Coco comes from a very athletic background. She is a big strong girl who has worked hard physically. Tends to get too aggressive, and does not like to play long points. She has to cut down on her unforced errors.

Kvitova has a huge serve and can win outright points with her serve. Especially with her being a lefty. She has a huge forehand with a very aggressive 2 handed backhand. She is very dangerous with balls above her shoulder. Her favorite shot is running around to hit her forehand. She won Wimbledon in 2011. Alert: Errors come in bunches for Kvitova.

Nick’s Pick- The odds favor Kvitova, but Coco has to have a big day where everything goes right.

~ by Nick's Picks on June 23, 2013.

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