Nick’s Picks from Wimbledon- 2nd round Mens

Tommy Haas Vs. Jimmy Wang 

Jimmy gets everything back and won his first round 7-5 in the 5th set.

Tommy is playing the very best tennis of his career from every inch of the court. His one handed slice stays only inches above the grass.

Nick’s Pick- Haas in 3, maybe 4 sets


James Blake Vs. Bernard Tomic 

James is truly a warrior in many ways and is no youngster. He covers the court very well and is also very consistent with his oen handed backhand.

Bernard is still a young pup, but it is not easy for him to concentrate because his dad is not allowed in the tournament. He looks like he is sleeping, but believe me; he is darn good from the baseline and has a very strong 2nd serve.

Nick’s Pick- James will be tougher then nails and will never throw in the towel. Bernard has more consistent groundies. Yes, the edge goes to Tomic but in Jame;s mind he will not lose. This match is a toss-up, but small edge to Tomic


Roger Federer Vs. Sergiy Stakhovsky

Sergiy is a big player. He is very focused with his return of the 2nd serve and does not miss. He is very comfortable at the net especially with his drop volleys. His serve is above average and he likes to serve down the T on the deuce side and out wide on the ad side.

Roger is Roger and I am sure he will address each round and make little adjustments to who ever he plays. I am sure his camp is not looking to the next round.

Nick’s Pick- Roger in 3 or 4 sets.

Mikhail Youzhny Vs. Vasek Pospisil

Mikhail has been around for awhile and is a very smart player that frustrates his opponent. He has excellent consistent groundstrokes. He is not easy to beat if you are impatient.

Vasek is just beginning to make his move. I watched him in his frist match and was extremely impressed with just about everything he does including coming to the net alot.

Nick’s Pick- I feel an upset here. Vasek in 4 or 5 sets

~ by Nick's Picks on June 25, 2013.

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